Troubled by the conflict dominating our lives I asked why? The answer is the question of meaning I call the "last why" since it can't be answered. Nevertheless, we have tried since it was first asked, in ways which all conflict. Thus our open ended history of conflict. If we keep trying to fill the void our history will inevitably come to a close. Doug.E.Barr  

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It's just because we can't agree
That there's one reason we should be,
Our senses we behind us leave
To fight for theories we believe.

Biology's the reason why
We shouldn't be so quick to die.
By nature we are all the same.
It's senseless killing for a name.

We have unique capacities
That by our realizing frees
Us from the reason that we kill;
The void we try in vain to fill.

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Regardless what belief or beliefs we hold, unless we have the intelligence or seriousness to see that beliefs are plateaus and supports to launch further from there or, holding our place there, investigating or realizing more and more that it is never an end, nor can be by its nature, but rather is a tool for social and personal advancement - until we can see that, any and all beliefs become a thing of danger both to ourselves and each other.


I detect wisdom in your thought but I sense your thinking doesn't quite coincide with what you have said. Beliefs by their nature are ends. Their intended but vain purpose is to answer the "last why". In doing so they terminate "investigating" or in my words, "reaching out...". If we ever get the "intelligence" to see that "all beliefs become a thing of danger both to ourselves and each other." we will learn to live without beliefs. If we don't gain this intelligence humanity will self-destruct in an orgy of conflict. Doug.E.Barr

June 8, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMila

its a realy good poem
its one of the bes i have ever seen


Thanks. Doug.E.Barr

January 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteranan

Doug.E.Barr (if that's your name), i think your poetry iz wonderful!!!!!!

<3 ya


This is my name. Thank you for taking time to comment. Doug.E.Barr

August 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoanna

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