Troubled by the conflict dominating our lives I asked why? The answer is the question of meaning I call the "last why" since it can't be answered. Nevertheless, we have tried since it was first asked, in ways which all conflict. Thus our open ended history of conflict. If we keep trying to fill the void our history will inevitably come to a close. Doug.E.Barr  

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BARACK OBAMA: winning the future

I listened to the president
Deliver his inspiring speech.
Although he had the best intent
The goals he set we may not reach.

To "work together" is too hard
When we are kept apart in life
By our "beliefs" which we regard
As rights, despite that they cause strife.

For it the president has praise;
But "common hope" there cannot be
Until we all together raze
The vertical economy.

With one belief and equal pay
Our life "horizon" would be changed,
And we would see beyond the way
"Titanic 'chairs" are rearranged.

The "future" can be only won
Without the tragic human race.
Unless it's shared by everyone
This life can't be the "better place".

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