Troubled by the conflict dominating our lives I asked why? The answer is the question of meaning I call the "last why" because it won't ever be answered. Nevertheless, we have tried since it was first asked and thus our open ended history of conflict. Doug.E.Barr  

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When I attack don't think that I
Can't see what is profound.
Instead think that it's probable
You're not on solid ground.

To claim you're the enlightened ones
Is fantasy at best.
When you're with reason scrutinized
You fail to pass the test.

Your obfuscation numbs the mind.
Your claims of health are tall.
You're selling 'patent medicine'
Without the alcohol. 

I cannot overstate my fear
That since you are so full,
You are a danger to our health
By spreading sacred bull.

Our spirit is our 'light' to which
Not one of you can lead.
It is within, we generate
The power that we need

By reaching to the limits of
Innate capacity,
To others and to God as well.
From you we should be free.

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