While at university in about 1970 I asked why conflict pervades our lives. The answer I later found is the question of meaning I call the "last why" since it will never be answered. Still, we have tried to "fill the void" behind "Why am I?" in ways that conflict, since it was first asked by 'Eve'. Thus we've created our open-ended history of conflict we will close if we don't instead choose the "ideal reaction to the void".

In 2005 I decided to see if I was a fool for beginning to question by seeking reaction to my analysis of the answer the only way an anonymous carpenter could, on this website. I first tried to attract traffic with prose posts but began writing
my poems because concentrated thought is memorable. I've had to advertise so I could be twice the fool but I remain undecided. Doug.E.Barr  






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NEWTOWN: the aftermath

Let's not forget around the world
So many children died that day.
The focus is on Newtown, for
The others are so far away.

Whenever there's a tragedy
Believers try to fit in God
Because they think it's in God's plan,
A view that I cannot applaud.

No tragedy is planned by God;
But if God is, God will be pissed
If in the aftermath God sees
Another chance to change we missed.

The change we need to make is clear.
It's hard yet simple but profound.
We need to drain away beliefs
So we can see our common ground.

From there we reach out to the ends
Of our unique capacities,
To others, and to God as well,
The way that's free of tragedies.

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