When at university about 1970 I asked why conflict pervades our lives. After years I found the answer is simply the question of meaning I call "the last why" since it will never be answered. Still, we try and have tried to "fill the void" behind "Why am I?" in ways that conflict, since it was first asked by 'Eve'. Thus we've created our open-ended history of conflict we will soon close if we don't instead choose the "ideal reaction to the void".

In 2005 I decided to see if I was a fool for asking by seeking reaction to my analysis the only way an anonymous carpenter could, on this website. I first tried to attract visits with prose posts but changed to
poetry for reason in rhyme is memorable. I've had to advertise so I could be twice the fool but I remain undecided. Thanks for sharing. Doug.E.Barr  






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Apparently before the beginning was the void. Then eons ago for no knowable reason there was a "big bang" and nature began conceiving and filling the void with life. One conception was humanity. Over time nature guided the evolution of our predecessors up to the level of realized potential mental capacity that enabled 'Eve' to ask 'Adam', "Why am I?", the small bang that gave birth to humanity.

When 'Eve' picked the 'rose' 'Adam' saw white emptiness and having an instinctive fear of the unknown he tried to fill the void. He passed his effort to succeeding generations and we may pass it on for "Why am I?" will be "the last why". To the extent we try to fill the void we restrict nature's effort. If nature's is white ours is black thus we are shades of grey between self-realization and self-destruction. Any shade of grey is an option. We can't replant the 'rose' but we can empty the void and free nature.